Who is m0llym0g? Well, m0llym0g is me, Molly Bittner. I’m a Systems Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory by day, and a gamer by night (and on weekends!).

What is this website? This is my central hub to talk about both space and video games, a place where I can share my thoughts with you. I’ll also connect you to outside sources for some extended reading, and let you know about fun news as it pops up.

Why the name m0llym0g? If you play video games you know the deal: pick a username for your gaming platform and game on. This is your public facing name, your gamertag, your ID. Years ago when PlayStation went online with PSN (PlayStation Network), I chose my name and solidified my fate. I was, and will always be, mollymog on PSN. PSN, unlike other gaming platforms, doesn’t let you change your name once it’s created. I also don’t want to lose all of my glorious trophies, so I won’t create a new account. PSN and I are at a standstill. Unfortunately, when I began expanding my gaming beyond PlayStation, I found that MY NAME was taken. Ah, the joy of the internet and unique usernames. Enter m0llym0g. That’s my name on some other services, but there are probably even more services where m0llym0g is not me… ugh, facepalm. Problem solved. I own mollymog.com and m0llym0g.com. You are here now, and I welcome you. Together we shall mog on together through both space and games.


This site is not at all affiliated with NASA – it’s just my own fun thing (insert saucy emoji here).